Can Ghana Music Industry Do Much Better?


In any profitable industry the world over, there is always the need to get some people ahead of you who will act as mentors when the end seems too near. Unfortunately, in the entertainment industry in Ghana, there are no mentors so many of us suffer when we get to our peak.

How can it happen that it is only in our industry that actors, musicians, dancers, fashion designers and what have you get to their peak and do not know what to do next, then out of desperation another new person in the industry will overtake them making their efforts over the years useless. This is one of the reasons why many in our arts and entertainment industry fail after hitting the top of their career.

Sarkodie`s signing of the Konvict deal came out for discussion last week and many were of the view that, if Sarkodie felt the deal was not a lucrative one, then there was no need going ahead to sign it. Such people congratulated Sarkodie for not signing but we at Flex newspaper respectfully disagree with those views on the following premises.

First of all Sarkodie needed that deal because he has done all he needed to do in Ghana and therefore nothing will be so new for him again in the music industry. Due to the fact that there is no record of any musician who has risen quickly like Sarkodie has done, he needed at least somebody in that area to direct his path and until he will get such a lead, Sarkodie will be there until another artiste overtake him from nowhere.

The second thing is also that, the people around him might not have that expertise to push Sarkodie to cover different grounds else where, therefore the need for fresh brains and fresh directions is paramount.

We should not be deceived that what has happened to Sarkodie in terms of how successful he is in the music business has not happened to other people before. Many artistic people have gotten to that level but because of lack of direction in their career, they plummeted again and today they are no where to be found. Which successful musicians can serve as mentors to our current crop of musicians, actors, dancers, radio presenters and even entertainment writers.

Flex newspaper editorial


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