Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

Big Boobs Is Now The In-thing In Nollywood

Yoruba actress Bimbo Thomas

Seems boobs competition is gradually becoming the in-thing in Nollywood. Busty actress, Cossy now has a rival in the person of Yoruba actress Bimbo Thomas who many know also loves to flaunt her boobs.
Bimbo has revealed that flaunting her boobs is part of her style. She also said her boobs are stretch mark free which qualifies her to flaunt them any time any day.
But the star actress has blasted fellow actress, Cossy for daring to flaunt her own set of twins.
See how Bimbo put it: “I like flaunting my boobs because they are firm and I have no single stretch mark on my boobs. But some ladies still flaunt flabby ones that have stretch marks. Don’t they know that stretch marks are not meant to be displayed?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    bimbo thomas is one of d best actress i luv. true talk ma sister n keep it up

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Big Boobs Is Now The In-thing In Nollywood