Beyonc? Church Of Bey Member Commits Suicide


Church worshiping Beyonc? has already started losing their members to the cold hands of death. Taniya Hattersfield, aged 23, of College Park, GA was recently found dead of self-inflicted stab wounds to her chest.Taniya Hattersfield who was a new member of the National Church of Bey, an organization practicing the religion called Beyism. The Church was founded to worship the R&B star, Beyonc? Knowles, with hundreds of members who call themselves Divine Divas and even see Beyonc??s music as a very sacred text.

The founder of the National Church of Bey, has defended the church, and says Beyonc? is lord and saviour.
Taniya Hattersfield was found in a pool of her own blood in the basement of her family home, where she was surrounded by hundreds of candles and a suicide note she had written stuffed behind her pocket. She lay at the steps of a homemade shrine to singer Beyonc?.
The actual content of the note she left behind was not revealed by the Police, but the Police made it clear that the member of the National Church of Bey took her own life as a sacrifice to Beyonc? at the request of the Church.

The young girl?s mother who had almost lost her mind from the terrible action of her daughter screamed that her daughter was crazy to have taken her own life because of lightskin b*tch that sings. ??I mean, I know that?s my daughter, but I?m just keepin? it real?, she said.
Hattersfield father said he does not consider her his daughter anymore, that his own offspring would never worship any singers. He said just because him and her mother had a good time one Friday night don?t make his my daughter.

Taniya Hattersfield?s body according to reports was yet to be claimed by any of her family members. If her body is not claimed, Taniya Hattersfield may finally be buried in a Potter?s Field, a cemetery typical for homeless people that have got no known families to claim them.
Meanwhile, rage has consumed lots of people over the National Church of Bey, and many people have called for Beyonc? to speak out against the new religion, but not one single word has come out of Beyonc? mouth.

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  1. this sounds bogus- and who stabs themselves in the chest…and what black person have you ever heard of in history that sacrificed them self like that? JS

  2. This is madness! Beyoncee should repent and return to God or else when she dies,Devil will deny her and even punish her!

  3. We’re living in a time where the culture of personalities is overshadowing the culture of class and values.Beyonce’s blessed,beautiful,and talented.She isn’t God.She’s mortal and like the rest of us,she has issues.She’s also very self-absored and vain.She needs to realize that God gave to her the talents that she has.She also needs to humble herself before God,as well as give back to others.

  4. there’s no way Beyonc? is even remotely responsible. She’s an artist, but who’s the FOOL that started this ‘church’. The bible says “thou shall have no other God’s before me”, so whoever started this church is responsible for her death. A shrine for Beyonc????? Really?? All these parishoner’s have multiple personality disorder and not to make light of it after this it’s a serious thing.


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