Adwoa Safo challenges NDC to provide analysis of one-time NHIS policy


Adwoa Sarfo, NPP parliamentary candidate for Dome KwabenyaParliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party in the Dome /Kwabenya constituency, Sarah Adwoa Safo has challenged the NDC government, to come out with an actuarial analysis for the implementation of the One-Time premium payment policy for the NHIS, rather than rubbishing the NPP?S proposed free SHS policy.

Adwoa Safo who spoke in an interview after delivering the NPP?s policy for the youth at the formal launch of the party?s manifesto intimated that, NDC has no well cut out and designed agenda for the youth and all they have sought to do is ?trial and error? engagements without any measurable perspective.

She challenged the NDC to name one thing it has done to better the lives of the youth since assuming office nearly four years ago.

The NPP candidate claimed there is a deliberate attempt by the NDC to pooh-pooh any policy initiative proposed by the NPP noting, the NDC wanted to scuttle the NHIA policy when it was first introduced by the NPP government.

?Is it not strange that a party which did not believe in the implementation of a policy could however turn out to make it their flagship policy for their 2008 manifesto to implement a one-time premium for the NHIS?? Adwoa Safo quizzed.

?Today four years into their administration, they have failed to even provide an actuarial analysis of how the one-time premium policy of the NHIA policy is to be implemented yet they are out again opening fire against yet another policy that will lift the suffering of Ghanaians from the quagmire and provide them with meaningful life.

?Where are the 1.6 million phantom jobs they claim they have created, ask them to show us where those jobs are. Ask them to give us the statistical analysis of those jobs? Today the doubting Thomasses have surfaced again to denigrate a policy of Free SHS education which is to be implemented by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party,? Adwoa added.

Adwoa Safo told journalists that Nana Addo?s vision is to build a society of opportunities where the youth agenda will be the focus; implementing specific policies to restore hope to them. She intimated that one of the immediate measures that the NPP will take is to harmonize and consolidate the aational youth fund and provide a legal framework for it; that is by passing the National Youth Development Authority Law.

She also pointed that the NPP will coordinate scattered skills development across the regions and districts where an assessment of individual skills will be made and specific programmes designed to make life more meaningful for each individual.

She said the National Youth Development Authority when in force, will combine the National Youth Employment Program and the National Youth Entrepreneurship where youth policy and skill training programs will be given much attention and the needed energies will be exerted on how funding will be procured to implement the desired outcomes.

The National Youth Employment Program will be directly linked to the transformational agenda in order to get the youth to develop more interest in public sector, agriculture and construction and also due incentives will be provided to the private sector and promote youth internships and total development to the youth.

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